I’ve got dreams
Dreams to remember
I’ve got dreams to remember
Dreams, rough dreams
Dreams, bad dreams
To remember
Don’t make me suffer
I’ve got dreams, dreams to remember

[I am going to stay on top of posting my dreams here, I have a dream journal that I have bedside to write my dreams down when they are fresh in my mind.  Lately my dreams have been really off the hook [laughs] and very intriguing.  Practicing my dream recall has fallen by the way-side as of late and you know what they say, practice makes perfect?] updated Dec. 20
I had a dream where I was in college and the dorms were built into a hill much like an amptheater [reminded me of a pod like structure]. There were kids there I havent thought of for years, all complaining about who gets what room, etc. The campus was at the bottom, around a lake I was walking on a path around the lake and I met a girl next thing you know I am in a house with JFK wife Jacky/Jackie ? We were trying to sneak her out of the neighborhood undetected, she was trying to get rid of her secret service guys because she wanted to fuck me, I slightly remember getting it on with her. Than outside the house I was in a location I have been to in my dreams many times a grouping of houses. Than I was transported to a big navy ship/aircraft carrier where we took speed boats across what seemed to be an entrance to a port. On the other side we had to fix some machine that was causing problems. It reminded me of a huge open air warehouse, I remember seeing corrugated sheet metal as the roof. In the back there was a large I guess rod shaped item that was in the backroom it went down into the ocean and was supposed to be rotating. I cant recall much after that.
Havent been dreaming lately, most likely because of a increase in benzodiazapine intake brought on by this boring fucking winter
strange dream about being on a 3-4 night concert like camp out thingy, we were on riverboats lynn was involved we got aggravated at each other over something stupid.  I left somehow for the mainland foggy after that.
[Dreams have been seeming really real as of late.  I am catching myself having full recall of dreams in the middle of the day again out of the blue… booom a whole sequence of dreams will play thru my head.  Haven’t been writing them down as I wish to do, haven’t been doing alot of things I wish to do…]
interesting dream, I was outdoors in a forest talking to an older lady and we somehow got on the topic of universal connections.   She took my hand and we slid down a hole.  We pop’d up and well we were represented by points of lights.  It was very strange there were billions of lights all flashing or lights you would see on an old movie theater that solid row of lights.  All the lights were constantly moving and had a definite direction.  Its very hard to describe and I guess I should have wrote about this one when it was fresh in my mind.
My dreams as of late have all been very deja-vu’ish they seem to take place in about a 2 mile radius from where I am sleeping except the location in the dream is different than reality.  When I am awake I can kinda get transported back to the site if I relax enough and note the location.  Anyways thats a bit confusing and its late 5:10 am and I should go to dreamland soon.  Last nite the last image I had in my head was I was walking across a foot bridge made up of wooden planks.  There were 3 girls laughing and laying down on the bridge.  I noticed one girl had chipped purple nail-polish on her toes and I woke up with that image in my mind.  Its still there. ha
I was on some sort of water type resort details are fuzzy but I seem to remember a very similar in other dreams.  There were cabins/houses that one could stay at.  Much more happened but I cant remember, perhaps I’ll be triggered with a thought later.

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