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  1. george jolly Says:

    Seedless, I have been reading your blog since at least 2006 or so. It has been interesting to say the least. From 2000 to 2007 I was a daily heroin user. I would usually read your blog while in one of the countlesss treatment centers i attended, as that was the only time I had access to the computer. i live in Il and would make the daily trip to the West side to get dope. In one of your posts, or many, I noticed you did the same. This was what piqued my interest in your blog.
    Like you, i tried methadone, suboxone, and everthing else there is to kick dope. It was not until I got arrested and was forced to kick in jail that I finally decided to stay clean. ANyway, it is cool to see you have been clean for the 8.5 months. drop me a line sometime. Sorry for typos and such, I am at work and have to keep an eye out for the man. Later

  2. Seedless Says:

    Thanks for the comment George. I am glad you are staying clean, keep fighting the good fight.


  3. Yeah, the west side pick-ups, I remember, and reading your blog tonight, I thought, IS HE OUTSIDE IN THE PARKING LOT?! lol, I’m watching the same snow you describe in the Western Suburbs. You don’t have to say where you are located nowadays, but it’s cool to have someone close 🙂

  4. Tatyanna Says:

    hi again seedless,
    listen, i have a quick question, and i consider you the most experienced person that i might ask about such things. i recently read about an old friend’s boyfriend … who unfortunately passed away after overdosing on heroin that was cut with flour, rather than any of the many other substances it is sometimes cut with. i have never used heroin, and i don’t know what’s “safe” or not to cut with, but why would flour kill someone? do you know? this guy had asthma, i know, and allergies. not sure whether it was the case that flour was simply an allergy, or is this something that can really harm anyone if found in heroin?
    well, any info you can share would be appreciated.

  5. chi-dope memories Says:

    Hey Seedless,
    I just couldn’t help but to comment & congratulate you on your success of getting clean & the amazing (SO SIMILAR) tales that I once experienced myself. From 1998 to 2007 I abused drugs, used heroin (drug of choice, the chunky off white powder) & frequented the ghettos of Chicago, both Southside & Westside & unfortunately still know plenty of people who still do. Your stories rang so many similarities to my experiences it was almost surreal. I almost feel like I must have known you, lol. I too went to school out in Colorado & spent much time out here all over the place. Your stories of Crested Butte sound SO strikingly similar to the experiences I had in Steamboat Spgs & Boulder. And your stories of Independence back in the Chi, damn bro, you should write a book, but anyways I used to cop on Independence all the time as well. Seriously every single story you wrote about I can totally relate to, the shoulder riding (expect I got a ticket once on the edens, lol), my explorer overheating like your jetta. Man I could exchange some “war stories” with you, lol. I respect you laying it all out on the table like that & I think you did a spectacular job as well. I mean seriously you could write a book, they way you told your stories made me feel like I was right there with you in the car, lol. I don’t know, maybe only a former heroin addict could relate that well, but man you grabbed my attention like a bag of dope used to do, lol! My story ended a little differently, I got severely injured (unrelated to dope) & I have been on HEAVY ass pills for the last 4-5 years. I was on methadone for 8mths & then went to Pain Mgmt in CO & was put on every single opiate you can possibly imagine on the pharmaceutical market. I used to abuse my pills, specifically my dilles for a year or so then finally dropped the needle for good. At least the heroin & needle addiction is gone & I am not wasting 10s of thousands of dollars on chi-town dope anymore, but I am still on a mountain of pills & opiates. In fact I am putting on a fentanyl patch as I write this. I can’t even get high anymore they have put me on such hardcore drugs & I have kind of lost the will to get high anyways, but its almost that same old dope sick feeling of keeping myself out of WD misery but now its keeping myself out of real physical pain. Sometimes I feel like the injuries I suffered are going to keep me attached to opiates for the rest of my life & that sucks. I am just glad to hear of someone who escaped that life that we both once knew very well. Good luck to you man, best wishes & seriously bro I loved hearing your stories. Keep up the good work man & anytime you want to hit me up please feel free bud. I would be more than happy to talk to a former ghetto soldier anytime, lol. Stay safe & again so glad to hear you are clean! -Peace

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