IMO one of the best opiate maintenence and detox medicines available to the US market.

Other names: Suboxone, Subutex, Buprenex, Temegesic

Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Buprenorphine in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction: SAMHSA’s Treatment Improvement Protocol 40 [TIP-40] aka Bupe Bible.

Link to: Bupe Bible TIP-40

To find a doctor in your area that is licensed to prescribe buprenorphine click here: Physician Locator

For more info on Suboxone click here

More to come including. New buprenorphine treatments, [depot injection doses 6 week stay, and bupe implants 6 month lasting period] thats one of the only flaws of bupe is its so easy to forget to take a pill, and use instead. With an depot dose or an implant you wouldnt have to worry about that your guarenteed not being about to get high for 6 weeks – 6 months. The implant has been copyrighted and is called Probuphine, its still in Phase I or II testing. I believe the depot injection is closer to the actual market than Probuphine, but I will provide all the info soon.

Routes of dosing: sublingual, bucal, insufflated, injected, oral [swallow pilll], and rectal.

Also the bioavailabilty percentages per dosing method, ie. 70% insufflated [snorted], etc.

Info on Naloxone and the real truth about it, its antagonist properties, its oral bio-availability [3%], if its effect any route of dosing, injecting Suboxone which contains naloxone, the limits of injected naloxone you can generally IV with no effect [2-3ish mgs of Bupe so .5mgs, Ill get exact later], the powerful strength of bupe and its ability to resist most antagonists because of its high affinity, side effects of Naloxone-headache, easy way to get switched to Subutex, person acounts of IV and different routes of administration, lots of good documents, studies, etc., lots of personal accounts concerning maintenence, and detox, also maybe a guide for non-tolerant people who want to use bupe recreationally.

Different forms, and its effects on other opiates, length of time required after using to in order to get high off a pure agonist. Stuff to avoid on bupe,

Differences between agonists, antagonists, partial agonists, mixed agonists, etc. Different names and mode of action.
and alot more when I think of it.

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