I was hanging out with an old friend who relapsed recently and happened to catch a case the first time he copped, bad luck.  It brought back memories of my last arrest.  Ugly memories.  Here is what happened.

I think it might have been 3+ years ago.  I was on probation for poss. of heroin at the time.  Me and my g/f were stuck in a loop of speed and booze.  I was also on opiate maintenance and had a benzo habit.  Basically no holds partying constantly.  We were constantly fighting at this point mainly because of being up for days on end using speed.  I was going to go see a concert down in the city and asked her if she wanted to go, figuring it would be a good thing.  The concert I think was Ratdog.

She loved x and we decided to stock up on it in the lot, which coincidentally was flooded with drugs.  It was a nice summers evening and things were good.  I bought 10 pills of molly and 10 pressed pills.  We each took one and I decided to stock up on some lsd and mushrooms.  Procured a 10-strip and a 1/4 of mushies.  I also had a pill case with me with a few days worth of pills, Adderall, Klonopin, Xanax, Valium, Suboxone, and some sleepers.  Probably about 30-40 loose pills with no prescription bottle but I had prescription forms in my wallet.

We were feeling good of the x and decided to add some mushrooms to the mix probably my idea.  We just laid around till it was time to go in.  I have been to hundreds upon hundreds of concerts and never had any issues with security.  Well that streak was going to end this night.  Unfortunately that night we took the train down to the show so we didn’t have a car to stash our shit in.  So it had to come with us.

We were probably looking a little fuct-up for sure.  I remember standing in line with her feeling the x and mushrooms hitting me in waves, I took a xanax.  So we start to walk in she goes first gets patted down.  I am next I had the bag of mushrooms/acid/x inside my sock, under my foot and my pharmies in my pocket [legal].  Soon as I walked up the security guard immediately reaches his hand into my sock and grabs the bag.   OH SHIT I thought.  As he was pulling it out, I turned on my heels and started to run.  I almost made it out until another security guard catches me with a closeline knocking me to the ground.  Fuck I am fucked.

They pull me off to the side and start to look at all I have, I recall one security guy saying to me ‘Man you are ready for one hell of a party tonight, well not anymore…’   I was flipping at this point drenched in sweat, my g/f friend was in shock just gulping air face frozen.  I give her my wallet with my $ in it and just kinda shrug and say I hope you can find your way home.

They call the Chicago Police to come pick me up and take me down to some precinct that I cant recall.  They made a handful of arrests that night for psychedelics so there were other kids there.  I was the only one strung out on speed, tripping on mushrooms and rolling on x.  They handcuffed me to a wooden bench and started to call me sweaty, lol.

I remember them holding up the strip of unpreferated  lsd and asking me how many hits were there, uhhh just one officer.  They were flipping thru some archaic law book trying to figure out what to charge me with.  To put it lightly it sucked.  From there I was transferred to another precinct and then in the morning transferred to Cook county jail.  I was all hung over from no sleep and the drugs the night before.   Withdrawals from the opiates and benzos were starting to kick in and I just resigned myself that I was utterly fuct.

I remember laying on the floor in some dark cell just completely hopeless as I have been in alot of trouble with the law in the past and this surely was going to be the nail in my coffin.  I never bothered to call anybody to even try to make bail as I felt just well out of it.  Than I still remember it like it was yesterday.  The old metal door creaked open letting in some light, I still recall seeing dust dancing in the the light.

Seedless grab your shit you made bail…

What the fuck are you sure?

Yes you want to stay here?

After a few hours I finally get thru the process of getting bonded out and I am a little curious on who got me out.  I didn’t think it was my g/f as she probably wouldn’t waste 4K on bail for me so I was delighted when I say my friend standing out side waving.

Dude I have been waiting for like 5 hours, I am so sick.  Your sick, fuck…   This was a kid I saw everyday for years and helped him to get thru his day.  So when I wasnt able to be found he tracked down my g/f found out what happened called my mother who gave him bond money and drove down to get me.  The ride home sucked I was in w/d and driving by dope spot after dope spot and he would not stop because he was only a pill head.

Getting home the sun was setting and I was having a hard time wrapping my head around what just happened.  Thank god the county I was on probation didn’t violate your probation untill you are convicted not arrested for the crime.   I ran into my house grabbed more pills and we quickly got fixed up.  Oh man what a sense of relief.  Got dropped of at my g/f’s and that was that.

Long story short my lawyer on the day of court, which I was late to the case because I was too busy smoking crack.  I was wearing a nice suit and I couldn’t tie my tie.  I was geeked.  My lawyer was bitching at me because I was late and he wanted my case called first.  We go up in front of the judge and the police officers that picked me up from the venue were there.  One was a hot blonde.

Than standing up there slightly twitching they read off my charges…  Which seemed like it took 20 minutes.  They listed off each pill I had the weight and the substance, the mushrooms, the x, the lsd, oh man I was shaking at this point.  My lawyer said just relax it will be ok.  He asks for information on the security officers that were the ones that actually caught me.  The cops faces turned into confusion.  Uhh judge we are not in contact with the venue security.  We’ll do you even know there names?  uh….

Than my lawyer says how do we know that this whole thing isn’t just one big farce and the security officers didn’t plant the drugs on my client?  You dont because you dont even know who they are!  I remember looking at the lady who was typing the short-hand notes and she gave me a little smile.  I felt at ease.  The judge agreed and dismissed the case right there on the first court case.  Holy Fuck thank the lord.  He gave me a pat on the back and said try to stay out of trouble seedless.

Sometimes I wonder why things that happened to me happened but I just have to believe that there is an ultimate force that is guiding my life and there is a defined purpose.  I have 2 weeks clean from opiates and I feel ok a little lazy but that is to be expected.