It was a slow day today.  Went to my normal NA meeting tonight, the streets were covered in a layer of smokey fog.  I love when its foggy.  I dont really have to much to say.  I included a link to a entertaining story I would have just posted it directly in here but its way to long and it gets a little obnoxious to read in this ‘blog’ format.  I do have it posted over at [best of bluelight] but I posted that copy up years ago and the web site removed all the formatting so it is even harder on the eyes.  Its a bit long [26?] pages so print it out and enjoy.  If you like drug type stories I will guarantee you will like it.

I need to find a girlfriend, I always say that, than when a opportunity presents itself I get sketchy and find a reason why I should not be interested.  I have done that a couple times lately and yet I sit alone.  Its so hard for me to just be content with my life, I always seem to be looking for something [one?] else.  I should be reading some chapters for school but instead I am fucking around on the internet and I am now starting to develop a headache.  I watched the movie, ‘New York, I Love You’ earlier today [you can watch it for free at] it was ok.  Its been hard lately dealing with the slowed down pace of my life [read: no social life] but I have no one to blame but myself for that as I have isolated myself from most of my friendships.  New friends are hard to find.  Well friends that I actually want to know better are hard to find.  I was going to go have a couple drinks at the bar tonight but I ate a swiss cheese sandwich and watched television instead.  hrmmph.

Well anyways here is the link to Me & My Monkey.  Say a prayer for me if you pray or send some positive energy my way.  I am on the outskirts of Chicago [suburbs] so you can picture that area in your head.  While picturing my location just slowly start to chant, ‘Seedless is a great person and deserves to be happy.  Let him achieve all his hearts desires. Ommm, Ommm, Ommm’.  Ha, you never know the power of suggestion/prayer is a powerful tool.  As for negative thoughts towards me dont bother as I am protected from negativity by my crystal force-field  : ).  While your at it say some prayers for those poor people in Haiti and for the world in general as we need all the love we can get.  Ommm Ommm Ommm.  Oh yeah I put a new link elevenevele, start reading at the beginning its a good story concerning a girls addiction to heroin in Chicago.  So now if you are bored you have a couple new things to read!

link: Me & My Monkey