Lounging comfortably in my evening chair, feet propped up against the window I am drawn in to the golden glow of the sunset. It shimmers thru the lifeless tree branches, brighter than Inca gold. Soon after staring for minutes the huge orange orb starts to morph, the lava like glow melts into the background making the tree limbs stand out even more-so. The edges of the light start to have the effect of a prism, shooting out tiny rays that are cast in a delicate rainbow hue.

The sun sets and I lay down on my bed it is so cold tonight I can actually see the heat from my bedroom dance in the air as it collides with the glass window, achieving much the same effects as evaporating gasoline. Staring into the swirling illusion I have a hard time keeping my eyelids open and am soon drawn into the upsidedown dream world.

D-d-d-drifting down, slowly unconscious…

An old lady is seated in an rocking chair with each rock a slight creak is produced, on her lap is a brightly colored blanket woven with shimmering yarn, behind her is a huge elaborate stained glass artwork. The picture is a very good depiction of one of the Stations of the Cross, the colors are bursting with illumination. A worn out Jesus is dragging his death on his back. Designed in sort of a cubist fashion there are no round lines or forms its all rigid and separated, reminding me of a picture Salvador Dali painted of the Crucifiction.

Thoughts form in my head and I am intrigued as to what is casting light thru the work of glass as I think those thoughts, the old lady stops rocking. Her mouth opens and it looks as if she is speaking to me although no sound breaks the silence of the room. Puzzled I tilt my head to one side (much in the same way as a puppy would when spoken to). Instantly I hear her reply in my head as she states: What riddle do you wish to undo?

I tell her I wish to see the light as I motion to the stained glass wall she is sitting in front. Motioning ever so slightly with her aged hand I glide towards her. She greets me and refers to herself as Amory and tells me to take a closer look at the picture. Passing by Amory I notice a slight glow around her body and realize it must be an aura shining thru to my vibration level.

Reaching the stained glass wall I am not sure what exactly I am taking a closer look at. Still intrigued by the light source I cup my hands around my eyes and push them against the wall hoping to be able to see thru to the otherside of the glass. As my hands touch the glass it becomes soluble and my body passes thru it, I am reminded of walking thru a waterfall.

Walking thru I am perplexed as to what I see, I feel as if I am in a room yet there are no walls or boundaries just a white light that seems to encompass everything. Slowly my eyes adjust to the light and I see before me a craft sticking out of the sandy floor/earth/land (?) at a 45 degree angle, plainly obvious the saucer shaped craft is what we would refer to as a ‘UFO’. It appears to have crashed, the brushed bronze metallic shine is rather dull. Deciding a closer inspection is due I start to glide toward it.

B-b-b-b-b-ring R-r-r-r-r-ring…

With a quick jolt the ringing of the telephone brings me back to consciousness as I realize I must have drifted off to sleep. Rubbing my eyes I reach for my phone and answer it.

"Is Amory available?"
"Who, uh I think you must have the wrong number?"

The line clicks dead with no response and I hang up the phone. Dangling my legs off my bed and stretching I think to myself the person on the phone could have at least said goodbye or thank you and find the fact semi-irritating. My room is now dark and the night sky black, the only light is from the tiny pinpoint stars as they twinkle in the winter night. Gazing out at the stars there arrangement reminds me of Geometry, intersected, bisected, and injected…

Walking downstairs I am suddenly aware as to where I have heard the name Amory.