– <![CDATA[ what day is it? I told my psychiatrist off and peeled out in the parking lot the other night, rock on.  I did drugs, I drank, it snowed, I bleed, I licked the blood, my tongue was red, I looked in the mirror, I almost rear-ended a car, a friend bought 2 cartons of smokes for almost $100, sold them for 40, 20 went in my arm, I went to the bookstore, locked myself in the stall, had a bellringer, winked at some random chick, I was geeked out, I looked partial insane, I sliced my finger on a tin can, I disinfected it, triple ointmented it, rubbed it with an alcohol pad, put a band-aid on, went to a bar and grill, had 3 beers, flirted with the waitress, laughed with friends, used a toothpick, grabbed a book of matches, stole a soup spoon, watched plasma tv, put the key in the ignition, turned it, varroom, wanted to drive into the river, decided against it, sat on a stoll, flicked a needle, wore a long-underware material long sleeve shirt, started sweating, took my hat off, got cold, ate some peanuts, asked for 3 olives, I got 2 green ones and 1 black one, looked at my pinprick pupils, went to a candystore, had cottoncandy, drank a chocolate milk, made no plans for tomorrow which is today, I will probably repeat today, tomorrow, waiting for amps of valium, will fill up a mini-super soaker that doubles as a pen, with said amp, will write, and than squirt my words in liquid benzo-relaxation, i will hold the page upright, and let the thick ink drip, I will draw an abstract drawing in my melted words, I will try to have it make sense, I will go on a joy ride, I might try to pick up on some chicks, I might do drugs instead, I might do both, at the same time, time is 107am, I am going to go do something more funer, the funest around, the 3-10 seconds of bliss, here I come, here I go, I need water first, fetch me a glass, not tap, the filtered tap please, I will puncture my skin, I will sleep the sleep of Kings, I bid you good night.  Blank stare _____ <— there, urination is calling, human nature, or just beer, i am gonna hold it, and dance with the devil first, i have bladder control, be right back, im back 155am, bagel with chives, and a little jig with a fallen angel in the disguise of white powder, umbelical cord is strectched, metaphysically speaking, as I stare and wonder at the stars, my time is up, I must change the pace, this is no race, I wear no chantilly lace, get outta my face, because I am lazy to lazy to write much more, than retire to my empty bed, I doubt I will jerk off, why? because I dont feel like it, instead I will fall into a deep meditative state, albeit earth induced, occuring from plants forms, dried flower pods, chemically altered, and washed with acids, packaged in foil and made of dreams, what is this I speak of, well its simply is my tin-can space ship, it will glide me effortlessly thru the moon lit sky, and I appear to you as vapor, when in truth I am just organic fiber, kicked down from a higher plane, to converse with mere vocal harmonies, choir decibles that shake the foundation, the ability to alter soundwaves, to my benefit which will let me escape, down the rabbit hole, and into a space of mind I call sleep