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Once upon a bright shiny foil…  
It was late, too late. I should be in bed dreaming about sugar plum faeries dancing in my head or maybee poppy pod pixies, but instead I am turning down some dark alley. The blue-ish glare from the metal halide intruder light switches on and makes the broken glass shine like tiny diamonds. We make a left and we check to see if the ‘spotters’ are out on this late night. I stumble out of the car to go pick up 6 packets of heroin. Kris stumbles opposite to m
e and heads toward the building with more traffic, ala crack. I tell the young kid I want 6 bags, he yells up to a guy in the 3rd story window.

"6 times, you go wait in the door way."

I pull back the once maroon colored door which is now covered in unintelligible graffiti, the only thing I can make out is there marking of territory ‘SD’ Stone Disciples. I wait in the hallway of the oversized section 8 housing with another gangstar who is busy counting his wad of dough. I let my thoughts drift and they keep coming back to this kid and his lack of education. I swear, either he doesn’t know how to count or he is trying to impress me with his bankroll. I shouldn’t say
his bankroll, more like the dopemans bankroll. These kids are stuck out here working 6 hour shifts for a measy 100 bux and maybee a free rock or bag. Not including the mandatory ‘rip-off’ pocket cash they make by scamming young naive drug addicts.

This is starting to take a bit, its 2:37am and I have been waiting for 2-3 mins. they must have had to re-up on packs. Just as sudden as that thought enters my head the spotter from outside runs in and yells 5-up. Shit cops. I try to run up the stairs after the kids but there quick as lightning. I stop on the 3rd floor and huff. I hope Kris is ok, I hear the heavy metal door on the ground level open and shut. Did a cop come in? I don’t have anything on me and I am sure the cops to lazy to take me in for solicitation. I cross my fingers and suddenly feel out of place in this ghetto hallway. I decide to leave as I do a new kid comes out of an apartment and says all clear heres your 6. I take-um and ask,

"You sure the pigs left?"

Yup just watched um drive away. I cradle the dope in my hand and run out into the night. As soon as a hit the unlock button on my keychain "BEEP BEEP’ Kris comes running out from his vantage point, a overflowing trashbin. We hop in the car, you got um? Yup. You got um? Yup. I am on the Eisenhower expressway in 30 short seconds.

Kris who got me out of bed is sick so he is immediately rigging up. Unfold, dump, squirt, heat, cotton, suck, he moves like a possessed robot.

"Shit" yells Kris

Immediately I think we got burned but he just missed he 2 bag shot. He starts to rig up his last bag. Why don’t you wait till after we smoke the rocks, I say. He is to intent on getting his sickness away NOW, he cant wait the measly 5 mins for the missed shot to hit him. Again I reiterate, Just wait man this shit is real good. That comment is like talking to a concrete wall, you cant reason with junkies. I pull off on 1rst Ave. to take a piss behind the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) finger lick’n good my ass. He is already stabbing himself with the next shot, as I run behind as piss.

I come back not more than 3 mins. (hard time pissing in public) and as I walk up I know something is not right Kris’s head is tilted all the way back and he has a slight blue-tint to him and I know its not from the streetlamps.

"Fuck" that stupid motherfucker locked the doors with my keys in the ignition. I glance at his side and the window is open just enough to wiggle my skinny arm through and hit the ‘unlock’ button. Thank god. I slap him and start to shake him, no response. Great!… I throw what is left of the cup of water being used for are dope on his face and yell: "Wake-the-fuck-up-now-goddamn-itttt!" No choice its pushing 5 mins and hes definitely turning a deeper shade of blue and his fingers are starting to turn also. I run to the payphone and call 911.

My friends OD’ing I need help…

I run back to the car and grab the rocks, dope, needles, cookers and go stash them in the bushes. I have to dig in Kris’s pockets to retrieve the pipe and rocks. Good thing I am a good friend. I run back make one last quick glance around the car and at Kris’s half-dead face. I hear the ambulance before it arrives, I see it before it arrives also the blue and red lights reflecting off the wet pavement. Immediately the ER guys go into action.

What is he on?
Where is the rest?
"I don’t know I was taking a piss"

The guy looks away with disgust and with that I think to myself this is disgusting. What the hell am I doing? Cops on the scene, Wheres the dope? I don’t have any Officer. "Bullshit!" Search the car I tell him. He obliges with no hesitation. As the other officer dickhead frisks me down. Dickhead? This guy is helping save my childhood friends life, No he isn’t hes trying to find something anything to arrest you on. I hang my head in-between my knees and curse my luck. If only he would have listened to me. The cop throws me my keys and tells me he is going to be at the hospital down the street. I nod and try to compose myself, which basically means waiting for the cops to drive off so I can grab the dope and such stashed in the bushes.

I take a couple deep breaths, hit my head on the steering wheel and cook up a bag for myself. Aghhh much better. I should give the paramedics a few minutes to get Kris settled, I decide to make a couple spins around the block and smoke a rock. Geeeeekeeed-out. I start sweating and shaking, instantly I feel like I have to shit. The pipe is burning my fingers as I throw it on the seat next to me. I fumble with the little baggies that have ice-cream cones on them and stuff another rock on the brillo, the rock melts as it touches. Light, suck, suck, light, one hand on the shifter, the other hand on the pipe, I juggle between steering, shifting and smoking as I pull into the hospital parking lot.

Inventory: 2 bags of heroin, stamped "Unbelievables"
2 needles
2 rocks
and a glass pipe
2 20 dollar bills

I go in, and immediately the front desk attendants jump on my case asking, whats my friends name? last name? address? Thinking smart I just reply I just know him as Kris, the black attendant running the front desk gives me a look of death. She can see right through my junked out lies, I am sure this is probably the umpteenth OD of the night. She points me in Kris’s direction.

He is upright and completely conscious in the hospital bed. Kris immediately rumbles, "You still have some heroin, right?" Yea I reply. I have probably saved this kids life 5 or 6 different times but he is in the same boat as me. A sketched out, strung out, clueless teenager. He immediately tells the nurse he wants out of here. Thats for the doctor to decide, she replies. Doc, I want to go home… (story of my life and many others). The doctor is no dipshit, he knows what is going on. Kris gave him a fake name, address, the whole 9 yards, this OD is on the house baby! He knows Kris wants to run to the car and shoot-up another bag as the Narcon has probably made him even sicker than before.

Doc: "We are going to have to keep you under observation for a bit"
Kris: "I am fine, I want to go home"
Doc: "Your sick in the head"
Doc: (to me)"Whats your friends name?"
Me: I just know him as Kris
Doc: Thought so…

I am to geeked out to hang out in a hospital so I tell Kris Ill be back in 20 mins, I am going to the car. He grabs me tight by the arm, You BETTER save me a bag of dope. No problem I tell him.

Light, suck, light, suck, sweat. Did I just see a cop? almost 4am and I am sit’n in the parking lot ducking down taking pulls of the pipe by 4:20 I am waaay out of it and decide to do one more bag before entering. Kris is still stuck in the bed, ha. I get a magazine and sit next to him. You got my bag right? Yea yea, whatever. NO DO YOU HAVE IT OR NOT? Yea I have one left. The rocks? Nope there gone. He tries to dig in his jean pocket for more cash but cant with the IV in his arm. He asks me to grab 2 twenties out of his pocket and go get 2 and 2 (2 rocks 2 packets of H). Wanting to smoke more rocks and seeing how Kris is stuck here at least another hour I oblige.

Another pre-dawn dope run, driving out of the ghetto the sunrises and lights the empty highway infront of me. I pull in, Kris is out front. Bout time… Let the games begin .